Best Phase Selector

Product Description

The incoming mains of 3 phases (R, Y & B) will be used for monitoring the mains voltage between R-N, Y-N and B-N.
A fast transient filter is used to protect the system against fast transient of 2KV as per Clause 4.2 of IEC 61000-6-2. Best two phases are selected out of three phases in reference to the voltage setting and the output is switched through the relay. LV & HV cut off shall be provided. ( With site selectable voltage setting through “DIP’ switch- as optional)

Priority is given to R&Y phases subject to desired voltages available in these phases or else the BPS will select ideal phase depending on the setting. Chattering of output contactor is avoided by the introduction of time hysteresis at transition.

The module will detect the failure of the phase of the selected phase and also when the voltage between the selected phases goes beyond the set range, it will select new phase or phases which satisfy the requisite limits.

Similarly the module will changeover from a good phase to better phase controlled with appropriate time and voltage hysteresis to prevent hunting


1.R-Phase ON

2.Y-Phase ON

3.B-Phase ON


Relay- R1 Selected

Relay -R2 Selected

Relay -R3 Selected

switched off

BPS Operating Supply-12VDC (6V to 18V DC)

Output Relay: 12V DC (RW-SH-112D)

Surge Protection required through MOV

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