Line Conditioning Units

Product Description

Features and Benefits 

Line conditioning unit with Isolation Transformer of rating 7.5KVA to 45 KVA The Isolation Transformer will have screen between primary and secondary. Galvanic isolation of 6KV between input and output is provided to ensure low leakage current. The insulation is of Class ‘F’ as per IEC. The cooling will be of natural cooling.

The best phase selector output (2phases) will be the input to SVR. The voltage regulation is achieved by means of switching the appropriate secondary side taps of the Isolation Transformer through thyristors.

LED indicators for GSM/GPRS and data transmission status

DIN-rail and wall mounting

The control circuit will sense the input voltage to primary and switches the appropriate tap on the secondary

Key features

Micro controller based true RMS static line conditioner.

Power rating : - 15KVA

Rated Input voltage : - 155-465V AC (Ph-Ph)90V AC (L-N)

Rated output voltage : - 220V±10% (L-N)

Input frequency range : - 47-53Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) % current : - < 3%

Efficiency at full load at min & max input range : - >97%

Response time : - <10ms

The unit will have 5 steps connection Safety compliance as per IEC 60950-1.

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